Sunday, January 1, 2012

I've found a kindred spirit.... sorta

Wandering the blogosphere when I should have been doing other stuff, I wandered over to Andrea's place and found this blog by someone close to my age, and honestly, I coulda been thinking this very same stuff!

Caution, she does they do swear a bit in some of her their posts, but truly, she's they're funny! Here are a few that made me smile, nod and laugh!
In which Petty gets all deep and philosophical.

Yet another example of why I could never work with the Gen Pop.

I want some goddamned privacy!
Note: more than one poster there

I'm still reading through the posts... instead of doing what I should be doing.


Anonymous said...

Andrea's place

yeees well this is where we disagree.

There is witty, acerbic sometimes sarcastic and then there is an outright bitchy nasty bitter unfulfilled human being.

I'm sure you disagree but I followed the old TB blog and my and others' opinion hasn't changed since

The other links are quite good thank you.


kae said...

Hi Martin,
I find Andrea funny most of the time. And sometimes thought provoking.
Anyhow, to each his own. I'm not forcing anyone to read the blogs, and they're not the ABC, so we're not paying for them.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Mistress Andrea gave me a caning years ago on Tim Blair's old blog.

Her response to a comment of mine was a masterpiece of cutting prose, snark, and low class abuse, but I learned a couple of sterling lessons;

a. never post smart arse comments when the moderator is a degree of magnitude smarter than me, and

b. keep off the turps or keep off the computer (pick one).

The Zulu spear up the date was a salutory lesson re Internet manners, and many others copped far worse.

They were great days at the old (unmoderated) TB blog. Much of it still resurrected with comments "Ha! I told you so".

And Best Wishes for 2012, Kae. May the weeds keep low, Floyd (The Wonder Dog) and Meg flourish, and the Council fill the potholes on your road.

Angry, Bitter, and Petty said...

On behalf of us on the ABP team, thank you! We live to serve. Okay, we really live to snark, but serve sounds all New Year's Resolution Nice, so I'll stick with that. Kind of. For now.