Monday, January 16, 2012

Sydney - Norfolk Island January 2012 - Arrival on NI 15/1/12

Norfolk Island 2899

Left Sydney on Sunday morning in the rain, clear skies over the ocean however we caught up with the cloud about forty minutes out of Norfolk Island.

I have no idea what the time is at the moment, I'm still in that timewarp I fell into between Queensland and Sydney on Wednesday afternoon. My computer says it's 7:37, Balibo is on ABC1 and I think it's on NSW time, my phone says it's 10:30 or so, and my watch which is analogue, and which I set and wound before we left Sydney, says 3:55, but I'm not sure whether that's AM or PM, and I suspect it may be incorrect. It's been raining tonight, and it spat today - was overcast when we arrived and our Host told us that they don't do weather very well here. They may predict rain, but it will only be overcast and as the island is so low the clouds won't rise enough for the rain to precipitate.

Norfolk Island has a Leagues Club, it's across the road from us. We had dinner there, quite nice. The Leagues Club people have all gone home now, left about an hour ago - noisy so-and-sos. And if you think you can get away from doof-doof on NI, don't. There's the doof happening here for sure!

In the supermarket food and manufactured goods are expensive, but that's to be expected as everything must be flown or shipped in. Any fresh products which need manufacturing, like butter, margarine and so on arrive on the plane on Sundays. Some other produce comes by sea, from Australia and from NZ and it's usually about six to eight weeks between shipments. All the vegetables are grown locally. If you can find fresh milk it is as dear as poison - the milk is all longlife, like New Caledonia, however in NC there is a dairy industry and the other products like cheeses and yoghurt and so on are plentiful, inexpensive, and delicious.

I don't have access to the net so I won't be able to post this until after I get back to Sydney... so I will continue my journal tomorrow. Oh wait, I may be able to get net access... I have my little pink computer but there's not all the software I usually use on it, so the photos will be enormous!
Leaving Sydney in the rain...

Goodbye Australia!

First look at Norfolk Island.

Rugged cliffs of Norfolk Island.

No criminals on the Island, the police assist a keyless club patron's break into his car - unsuccessfully!
I've bought minimal hours on the net so I'll have to get off and sort out some more photos... today's (Monday's) tales are to come.


Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Enjoyed that brief account kae, thank you. I've long thought of Norfolk Island as a terrific place to spend a week fishing (from the shore, not a boat) just to experience the silence. I'd like to see the night sky too.

Merilyn said...

So far so good. Now are you staying at a Hotel/Motel or do you have someone there related to you and you are staying there?

Is it cooler there with the low cloud or inclined to be humid?

Love that last photo of the Police trying to break into the car, see people leave their keys in the car where ever they are.

Ok will wait for the next installment of your adventures, and photos.

Merilyn said...

P.S. If they have dairy there, why is the milk so expensive? Surely people should be able to go to the dairy and purchase their milk in containers if necessary?

Graeme said...

That carbon trading scheme was supposed to start on Norfolk Island in 2011. Has it begun yet?

kae said...

Hi All
Can't write too much as I only have an hour's access (all I could by at 5pm, just before the shops shut and no time to find a place with more than an hour worth of net time for sale).
Mick, can't tell you about the sky as it's been overcast since we arrived with patches of rain. The fishing is good apparently, but I saw a fisherman today on the Kingston jetty and he wasn't having much luck - "Just feeding the fish," was the reply when I asked how he was going.
Leave keys in car, leave bag in car, leave room in "Studio Apartment accommodation" unlocked when out.
Humid, with low cloud, not cold, but the wind can be chilly.
Not sure about that, haven't asked. I'll keep my ear to the ground. It'd be good if they did their bit for carbonology - but I don't think they'll get much kudos for their method of garbage disposal.... tell yaz later....