Friday, March 16, 2012

January 2011 Queensland Flood Inquiry results to be released 11am today.

Courier Mail collated coverage April 11 - May 27.

Report released...
Three engineers who worked on Brisbane's Wivenhoe Dam before last year's devastating floods should be referred to the Crime and Misconduct Commission, the state's long-awaited floods inquiry has ruled.

Okay... So, had the Wivenhoe dam engineers followed the regulations for water management at the dam the flood would have been 4.3 metres... instead of 4.6 metres.

Thirty centimetres? Only 30 centimetres? Would 30 centimetres have made much of a difference? Perhaps some areas would not have been inundated, water would not have flowed into them if they were protected by a natural levee, but I do wonder.

The floodwater which came down from the Lockyer Valley was incredible, it would have flooded many areas even with the dam engineers following the regulations for releases from the Wivenhoe dam.

More later!

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