Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Newman's changes

Campbell Newman will be leaving Greg Withers, Mr Bligh, assistant director general of the Office of Climate Change, in his position.

Withers is tasked with reversing all the climate change policies which have been brought in.

I love that twist.

Might take him a while, though.

Quite a while!


Boy on a bike said...

Poetic justice.

I guess if he fails to deliver, or perform, Newman can then sack him for failing to meet his contract conditions.

Wand said...

Beautiful - we could do with something similar in NSW!

Perturbed said...

Here via a comment on Blair's blog.

Talk about the chickens coming home to roost! FMD, that is one Machiavellian move.

This is, incidentally, what needs to be done to Flannery when Gillard gets rolled.

bruce said...

"Machiavellian" as it sounds, it is actually totally practical and responsible. Those who assemble something are best placed to disassemble it most efficently. It saves a big payout to Withers, and prevents any possible outgoing 'sabotage' too, which people harshly dismissed are sometimes tempted towards.

Has Flannery implemented anything tangible he could later reverse? Perhaps he could be made to pay back some of his perks, or donate them to genuine research such as geology.