Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today it clicked over, I've had 150,000 visits on my blog since 26 May 2008 when I started it up.



I haven't been blogging much for a long time as I've been exhausted from work. I am hoping to soon have time to relax at  home and put more words together to entertain myself. But not for a while yet.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Woo Hooo, way to go Kae

I'm 150046.

PS - Hi Floyd

Anonymous said...

Add one more to that number kae, and keep in mind that now you are qualified for the potential/proposed internet oversight.

Good luck with that, with us ratbags commenting here, we might have to visit you in the camp?

ratbag #1

cav said...

I found a great way to get the numbers up was to keep hitting the refresh button.

But I dunno if I can do it 140,000 times to catch up to you.

stackja1945 said...

Congratulations and celebrations!

Merilyn said...

Well done Kae!

kc said...

Nice! Yay, YOU!

Christian J. said...

Congrats, at least you made me feel better as I was getting annoyed at only achieving 1.5 million hits in about the same period, minus a year..

This is not ridicule, just an observation. So well done..

Tex Lovera said...

Congratulations kae! I haven't dropped by your blog in a little while, but I saw Tim Blair mention your milestone.

Good to see another old name from the spleenville days!

Steve D of Glen Waverley said...

Well done, Kae. Congratulations. Definitely worthy of being monitored by the government. ;-)

missred said...

Well done girlie!