Sunday, April 1, 2012

ABC Now - Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide

This is a fascinating program about Australia's ancient geological history. Using palaeontological information it travels all over Australia exploring the history of the earth through the evolution of the Australian continent.

Of all continents on Earth, none preserve the story of the formation of our planet and the evolution of life quite like Australia. Nowhere else can you simply jump in a car and travel back through the entire history of the world.

Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide takes you on a rollicking adventure from the birth of the Earth to the emergence of the world we know today. Buckle up for a rocky ride down the Road of Time with series host Dr Richard Smith. Over four one-hour episodes, we meet titanic dinosaurs and giant kangaroos, sea monsters and prehistoric crustaceans, disappearing mountains and exploding asteroids.

I think I'm going to have to buy it. I missed last week's program and my ABC reception (along with my channel 7 reception, all channels owned by them), is very bad and sometimes not watchable.

When I see programs like this I am very sad that my father isn't here to see them. He would be delighted with the information packed into the program. He collected fossils and had trilobites and crinoids and other Australian fossils which he had collected over time. I'm pretty sure they're still at home in the drawers under the little telephone table where they've lived for over 40 years!

Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide.

A bonus, if you search for the name of the program you will find links to creationists' blog/s, which make for fascinating reading as they try to debunk the fossil evidence and tell us you can only know something really happened if there were witnesses, so all this program is a myth.


Anonymous said...

Coincidence kae?
I was watching it too.
Fascinating stuff, makes you think.
Don't know about creation, although I can believe in it for lack of better evidence.
It does not necessarily negate Darwin's theory.

How is things with you?

kae said...


.... thought you might be!

I was brought up a Christian, I think that evolution and creation tie in - who says God's days were 24 hours?

I will have to buy the series so I can watch it without snow!

Sheesh, work tomorrow. Not looking forward to that.

1735099 said...

"I think I'm going to have to buy it".
Save your money. Subscribe to ABC iView and you can watch ABC programs on your computer for free whenever you want.
See -

kae said...

Nah, Numbers

My net connection still isn't fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Strange. Don't see it on the ebroadcast Perth program.
Guess I'll have to buy it, too.


Jonah said...

Seppo here, I thought ABC was the Devil? Father of Lies? Global Warming hatching sea monsters destroying Tokyo?