Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cpl Ben Roberts-Smith VC on MMM (lessons to the liberals)

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I really do think it's time for Australian primary school children to learn Australian history as they did when I and previous generations learned, perhaps they wouldn't be so prepared to trash Australia's traditions and what we have here in Australia


Jacana said...

As a teacher I totally agree with you - however it is the government that you need to get to make the change after all they are the people who write the curriculum we have to teach.
I have taught 12 year olds who don't know the capital cities of Australia !!!
Nothing like in America where they know all about their history and country. Guess that is why they are so patriotic.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said...Jacana, thank you for your kind words about Americans. However, I must tell you that there are many kids and adults who don't know the 50 states much less the capitals. This was something that we used to be taught. While there are is still alot of patriotism, the disease of Leftism has eroded it. There is an ongoing battle to preserve the phrase "God bless America", that came from the notion of American exceptionalism and pride. But there are those who say that it should be "God bless everyone", and others who would remove God from the equation altogether. Once upon a time, towns and cities had 4th of July (Independence Day) parades. Now it is a rarity. But watch the throngs come out for May 1st, the World Workers Day (communist) rallies.

We are fighting to preserve the America that the world has respected and come to count on. We know that you in Australia are waging the same battle against the same forces. Keep up the great and important fight! Surrender and defeat are not an option.

Merilyn said...

Wise words from both Jacana and Deborah Leigh, and you are right to Kae.

Minicapt said...

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart, and sometimes Canberra.
Now can I have a cookie?