Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back in the Black?

Headlines today trumpet that the government is "back in the black", with this budget deliving a tiny surplus. How can you be in the black if you still have debt? HUGE debt!


Merilyn said...

This is an absolute farce of a budget, and Wayne Swan walks around with a stupid smirk on his face.

Half of the things haven't even been costed or taken into consideration, e.g. the Not Bloody Needed [excuse my words] NBN.

Bah you are right I am very cranky.

Why don't they just wake up to themselves and drop that stupid Carbon Tax.

Anonymous said...

Apparently they are much smarter than we are, so we need to learn some lessons from them.

Where we go wrong is that we take ALL expenses into account in our budgets when the smart ones leave out big ticket items like the $43B+ NBN, the $10B+ Green slush fund etc like they don't exist. See?

Then, we're so silly that we avoid credit when those smarties in Canberra not only run it up, they up it even more, into the multi billions. And then they don't bother to account for paying back the capital. And never mind the interest. Just keep it out of the budget like the other stuff. See?

So, what we gotta do is ignore big expenses, rack up massive borrowings and, most importantly, don't worry about paying for stuff. Someone else will take care of that - sometime, somehow. See?

Easy peasy!


Merilyn said...

LOL good one Sandi!