Monday, June 4, 2012

Evil Dog Floyd

There is a horse in my yard. He's helping keep the grass down, and saving me money.

Floyd used to go off his tree when he came up near the house.

Today I watched Floyd and the horse. Floyd was just sitting there, totally relaxed, and the horse was about two metres from him.

Not a squeak out of him.

As soon as he knew I was there he went off his tree.

"There's an intruder, look, there! Eating my grass. An intruder!"

Good watch dog, huh?

I think it's the way he smiles that sucks me in.

Now, I have a shocking headache, I'm hot and I'm not feeling too crash hot. I think I'm going to bed early.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kae,
I drop in now and again to see that all is well. Situation normal, Floyd the boss of the house hold. Get well soon. Wayne.

Merilyn said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better today.

Good boy Floyd, the wonder dog.

kc said...

Good dog, Floyd, protecting Kae from the eeevil horsey (at least when she's there to be protected)!

Got a headache today myself, going to set up the percolator & take a book to bed.

missred said...

a horse? in your yard? is it yours?
floyd does love you - what a smile!