Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gina might support the deniers of AGW!

Read what Matthew England has to say about the possiblity of Gina Rinehart supporting an anti AGW stance in a medium owned by her...

ASHLEY HALL: Mrs Rinehart declined to be interviewed for the Four Corners program. Instead her company responded by email to a long list of questions. It strongly denies she mismanaged the trust.

But it's the answers to questions about Mrs Rinehart's views on climate change that have raised eyebrows.

The company says Mrs Rinehart is concerned about the lack of understanding in the media about the issue.

MATTHEW ENGLAND: I share that concern but from the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

ASHLEY HALL: Professor Matthew England is from the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.

MATTHEW ENGLAND: There are many radio stations and newspapers that actually profile so-called climate sceptics and they profile ideas that are actually completely at odds with our knowledge of the climate system.

ASHLEY HALL: Well Mrs Rinehart says that that's an important role for them to play, that they need to balance out what she describes as climate extremists. Is that not reasonable?

MATTHEW ENGLAND: Well not really. I mean in some sense you don't hear balance on things like whether the earth is flat still. You don't hear balance on whether lead in paint is poisonous and whether asbestos is toxic.

ASHLEY HALL: She also points out that there have been ice ages in the past, there have been periods of global warming in the past to end those ice ages, for thousands of years, and they've occurred naturally, as she says, due to the earth's orbit and not due to mankind at all.

How can we be certain that the changes that you're recording are due to mankind?

MATTHEW ENGLAND: Oh it's very clear that greenhouse gases trap heat, they warm the lower atmosphere very effectively. Without them on the planet we would have a very cold planet. So there's a very long understanding from the scientific research dating back several centuries actually of measurement.

So these are facts.

ASHLEY HALL: Matthew England says there's real concern among climate scientists about how Mrs Rinehart might shape climate change reporting if she uses her shareholdings to exert editorial control at Channel Ten and Fairfax Media.

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Merilyn said...

Oh dear the "Luvies", really are getting very worried, some of the hard work they have done, to make everyone believe in their "Global Warming", no strike that, Climate Change and have public funding, just might start to slip away from them.......fume, fume, fume.....how dare she have a different opinion from them, who does she think she is!

Minicapt said...

"… on things like whether the earth is flat still."
For an accredited scientist, he's rather clueless. The trail of evidence for the not-flat earth is about 2500 years long, as opposed to his 'scientific research' which is trying hard to achieve its second centenary.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Mrs Rhinehart - a saviour newly come.