Thursday, June 21, 2012

Newman takes steps to stop Union political donations

CAMPBELL Newman is moving to restrict Queensland unions from funding political parties or election campaigns without the specific consent of their members. 
The Queensland Premier, in a bid to squeeze the cash-strapped Labor Party, yesterday outlined a plan to introduce legislation to force membership votes on political donations.

Mr Newman announced the crackdown in parliament after The Australian yesterday revealed that Queensland Labor was planning a 40 per cent increase in union affiliation fees to help fund its next federal election campaign.
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Minicapt said...

Also, as Gov Walker in Wisconsin did, make paying union dues voluntary on the part of the worker. No automatic deductions by the employer.


Steve at the Pub said...

Some public service union spokesdude, without any clue of the irony, spoke into a TV camera about how this (allowing union members to decide how their money is used) is "undemocratic" !!!