Monday, October 29, 2012

One for Macquarie 3

A monster water spout has flooded homes in Melbourne.


It was a water plume from a busted water pipe.

(crumbs, didn't post this - I hate blogger)


Anonymous said...

Hi kae are you watching mega-structures breakdowns?
Fascinating or boring depending on one's view of course.

How is you doin?

kae said...

Hi LouMac, how're you doin'?

Watching the Port Headland program, Big Australia. I'm in Qld and the break down one isn't on yet!

But if you recommend it I'll stick around.

What's the job? I may have seen it.

kae said...

HI Lou
Just saw the preview for the Bomb Patrol, looks like an interesting program.


Anonymous said...

Nothing spectacular kae, demolishing a prison complex in New Jersey, but better than the other stuff on the teve. Don't usually watch much these days but had a hectic week and anything to relax.

Port Hedland you say? I don't see that on my programme list.
Loved to see it I used to be working there for Mt Newman as an engineer for a couple of years supervising the construction of the conveyor belt lines. They have miles and miles of them there carrying the crushed ore around.

Your verification is hard to read had to put it in three times.

I'm OK nose to the grindstone etc.
More important how are you?
Blogging got boring I take it or snowed under with work?


kae said...

Not that blogging got boring, I have heaps to put up. But Google changed the platform so much that it's now a pain in the backside to post. You have to click several times to go to the webpage when you've posted and it's just a mess.
It was a lot easier before. Uploading photos became easier, then they changed the whole thing and it sux.
I still have the rest of Norfolk Island to put up, and there's heaps of other photos and things.
The political situation is rubbish at the moment and I've given up saying anything about it, it's pointless. No matter what there will always be plenty of easily led people to vote for the ALP.
Work sux too, stuff going on there that is not good. Flat out, etc.
Sorry about the word thingy, but I was getting too much spam - I still get spam, believe it or not!

Anonymous said...

Re. politics AB had a quote from
Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, describes the situation perfectly.
I have all three volumes worth reading it if you are interested.
probably available as an eBook now although I must admit that despite having the best reader I still prefer the dead tree variety.

There a few providers of free forums platforms out there, don't know if they would be suitable for your needs?

I used to run a dog and horse racing forum on Proboards, fairly flexible but you would have to put your pics up on a free photo server and just give a link.
But as far as talking to people I found it more flexible, you can set up different subject groups if you wanted to.

Does not look like a blog but it's quite functional and can be prettied up too if you have the inclination.

Anyway it's just a thought.
See you when I see you and keep out of trouble.

kae said...

Email me via my profile here and I'll give you my email addy.

Funny about the quotes, I'm currently reading T Dalrymple and there are quotes in there, too!

I have a Kindle, I weakened. I just can't hold up a book these days, bad arthritis in my left wrist and thumb. I hate it! I just find the e-books easier to read, turning pages is a breeze! However, they're not so good if you want to loan a book to someone.

kae said...

Lou, when I was a kid part of the primary curriculum when learning about Australian industries was a visit to Port Kembla Steel Works. What an amazing place. I was fascinated by it.
Watching this prison demo and the steel being recycled is bringing back that fascination.