Thursday, October 18, 2012

WTF have they done to Vegemite?

It's runny. It's in the jar and it's sloppy.

And it doesn't taste quite right.


stevo said...

i think there is a song in that title and post ... ha!

kc said...

Oh, THAT ain't good!

Skeeter said...

Ring up Kraft and tell them.
Demand a replacement.
It has happened before.
The explanation given when I complained about runny, funny-tasting Vegemite was that the breweries were re-using their yeast more often, and that resulted in inferior yeast-residue for making Vegemite.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter

How're you and Mrs Skeeter going?
I've emailed them, but they may ignore me on a technicality.

The damned use-by date was, wait for it, 18/10/12.

I really need to start checking use-by dates.

geoffff said...

hi kae

Vegemite here.