Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gueneviere a Maori? Women in historical times.

Discussing the Merlin series currently replaying on free-to-air TV it was mentioned how ridiculous it was to have a Maori playing Gueneviere.

So then I find a link on FB to this blogpost and, well, who knows!


Minicapt said...

It would have helped if the writer chap had been a little more selective in selecting his sources. The finding of a grave with a female warrior should not immediately lead to conclusions concerning the existence of a full Women's Cavalry Corps, completes with battle honours.

Where might one find evidence of Maori aristocrats present in 4th Century England?


Deadman said...

Gwenhwyfar, in Welsh, meant “the White Enchantress”.

kae said...

Interesting, Deadman.

Thanks for the translation.

I'm descended from the Joneses of Welshpool.