Friday, July 26, 2013

Bit of excitement at the local - UPDATED

There is a sharp bend in this town and a b-double didn't quite make it around the pub.

Normally the drunk would be hit in the street, this time the pub was hit-and-run.

The truck didn't stop.

Today I had a chat with someone in the town.

1. The truck should not have been passing through the town, it is illegal for a B-Double to enter the town unless they live there.
2. After the accident the truck stopped briefly and then drove off.
3. A patron at the pub followed the truck and got the rego.
4. The driver was carrying livestock, and the truck was found in the next town at the saleyards - where a sign had been knocked over.
5. Some signs back along the road to the highway from the pub had also been knocked over/damaged.
6. The pub is Heritage Listed, they've been given five (5) days to repair the damage (ridiculous!).
7. After the 2011 flood the owners had trouble getting insurance, this may be a problem.
8. The OH&S people were on the scene before the police, ensuring that everyne was kept safe.
9. The truck driver has, apparently, had the book thrown at him.
10. The truck hit the pub a bit before 11am on 26JUL13.


Merilyn said...

"The truck didn't stop", guess he wasn't thirsty.

What a mess.

Zardoz said...

Via the magic of Google Earth I have been able to transport myself from central New Mexico to being in the middle of the street outside the Lockyer Hotel. It took all of a minute or so to do a search and then punch up Street View. After 40 years in engineering and aerospace I am still amazed at what I can do for free at my keyboard at home.

Okay, now it's time to see if I can pass the "not a robot" test.

kae said...

Hey Zardoz, you passed!

This town is close to mine, I pass through it on the way to the next big town with a couple of large supermarkets.

I reckon the drinkers would have wondered about the "earthquake"!

Minicapt said...

So, the driver cut a few corners, so to speak?


kae said...

Quite so, mini!

kae said...

Hey, Zardoz.
I just had a look at the googlemap image of the Lockyer Hotel. I travelled down the street away from the railway line, past the shops in town, not over the railway line.
It was a beautiful day in 2010 when those images were taken, but don't go off onto the dirt road, the image is from 2008 and a grainy, awful picture.
You really can't see how pretty it looks up the valley from those pictures, but that day was just so pretty, white clouds and blue, blue sky.

Zardoz said...

Howdy Kae,

It was a big day at the Zardoz compound when the Google Earth database was updated in April to show our place. We'll never make it into Street View because we're far too rural. The Street View shots of “downtown” are from 2007 and some of them are corrupted so it looks like you're in outer space. Still, it's an amazing resource.

Sound like the driver of the b-double might have had a cold one or two before climbing into the cab.

Steve at the Pub said...

Had the book thrown at him? Deservedly so!

Yea Kae, I've been under the pump a bit. But now I'm back!

kae said...

Hi Steve
Glad you're back, wondered if someone had breeched your drive-thru and cleaned you up!