Sunday, April 27, 2014

Definitely a redhead


Jim Clarke said...

Just that it comes from a bottle these days. :)

kae said...

Nah, Jim.

I'm going grey gracefully.

It's not a bad colour these days. Whitening at the temples, still a bit of red at the back, though there's a lot of kinda no colour elsewhere.

Getting old isn't for sissies!

My best friend phoned me the other day to gripe about all the stuff that goes wrong as you get old. She said she can cope with the stuff that you know about, but then there's all the stuff you don't know about. The teeth and the dry skin, particularly cracked dry heels, and so on.

The top photo was taken in about 1981. The bottom photo was taken in 1978 or there abouts, at a work Christmas do.

kae said...

The bottom photo was taken in December 1979. I have my 21st key around my neck!

cav said...

Who is that Kae?

Anonymous said...

"cracked dry heels"
kae My mum insisted that we always wear socks to avoid dry heals. (keeps your skin moist)

Sure you want to display your nice painted toes but you must be prepared to suffer the consequences.
Ever walked behind a good looking lady and notice the cracked heals?

Used to be a sign of a peasant woman, now it's common.

missred said...

Beautiful colour, on a beautiful lady!