Sunday, December 21, 2008

Floyd The Horse update 21 December 2008

Here he is. I took these photos a few hours ago, it took a long time to upload them, the first attempt failed (I haven't fixed the size of the photos taken by the camera, so they're HUGE). Floyd will be five months old on January 1*.

I can't decide which are the best, so here's most of them. I think he's an old soul, look at those eyes?

He just flops down anywhere. He's a very relaxed dog. Not frightened of anything.
The pergola needs a good hose out!
How could I leave him in the Produce Store?
One ear up and one ear down. I think that's how they'll stay.
I just love him!
Wouldn't you?
He's down with the big kids now. He's been spending a lot of time down there. Meg gets a bit tired of him and snaps, but he's fine.

I just wish he wasn't such a water baby. He just splooshes in all the water, and then it's all dirty for the others to drink.

He's very skinny. I can leave food out for him and he will only eat it when he's hungry. This is like all the other dogs I've had except for Meggie, the hog. She's soooo fat now, she needs to go on a diet for sure. I have to watch her so she doesn't eat Bundy's food as well as her portion. I think that's what she's been doing to get so fat.

*I know that other people's animals, like their kids, can be boring. But he's my puppy and I love him, so just let me indulge by putting him on my blog.


Kaboom said...


The easiest way to down-size photos for e-mailing and blogging is with IRFANVIEW.

It is freeware, and just over 1 MB to download. Bug-free, too.

Go here to download at tucows.

Use the "open" command to open your photo, and press ctrl R to "resize/resample", and select 800x600 for blogging or e-mailing.

Press "S" to save, and to remind yourself, just pt "sm" or "small" at the end of the file-name.

Reduces a 2 Mb+ file to about 80Kb, with perfect resolution for the purpose. An amazingly good, simple program.

Cheers, Kaboooom.

kae said...

Hi Kaboom
I've put an RSS link to your new blog on mine.
I did get some instructions on how to adjust the size of the picture when taking the photo, but I haven't mucked around with it yet. Plenty of time.. I hope!
Anyhoo, I have Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, so I'll be going well, after Christmas when I have time to load it into the computer and mess around with it - I've used it at work so it's a work thingy... I need to be able to use it for my back-up job.
I Just wish I could afford Dreamweaver, which is used at work, too, apart from the one provided on my employer's server.

Anonymous said...

I like the cut of his jib!

Pogria said...


I trust it doesn't make all your pictures look like a giant, ugly arsehole!


Floyd is gorgeous Kae.

Floppy Floyd at the moment!

kae said...

Yes, Pogs, I wondered the same thing about something called "IRFANVIEW"... uggghh!

I have heard of it before.

Hi CL,
He's just a brilliant puppy.
He is really, really smart. I can't trick him more than once.
He's pretty good with obedience, too, unless he's mucking around with the big kids.
He learns very quickly. He's now learnt that he's not to beat me into the house when I open the door, he waits to be invited... doesn't happen very often now because he tends to be wet from splooshing in the water.

Anonymous said...

Way too cute.

kae said...

Hello Saint Esq.
He's just all that, isn't he?