Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ABC AM today 14/1/09, worth listening to Barney

Barney dumps on the ETS...

Linky (should be up soon.)


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan. I've never voted Nationals in my life but it's all about to change. Mehaul

Skeeter said...

Me too, Mehaul.
I have written to Senator Joyce giving him my support and promising my vote to any National who runs in my electorate on a platform of no carbon tax.
I have been talking to my sitting Liberal on this topic. He claims that most of the party agree that AGW is a crock, but they also believe it is political suicide to vote against ETS.
If the Nats show some spine on this, they might be surprised at the support they receive.

Anonymous said...

Skeeter. Isn't it terrible that the Libs would believe one thing but act the opposite for political purposes. They're showing no spine on any topic at the moment. JBishop reminds me of several female school Principals I dealt with over 2 decades in that she looks OK and reads from prepared everything, Turnbull stands for nothing Liberal, and Hockey is nice and friendly but can't be taken seriously. I agree. Whoever takes up the running with Joyce could be rewarded for telling the truth. Mehaul.