Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gaza - Palestinian casualties shrinking...

January 25, 2009: Palestinians have found, in their decades of fighting Israel, that well crafted lies can be an effective weapon. The recent 22 day battle in Gaza, between Hamas and Israel, ended with the Palestinians claiming they had lost 1,300 dead, and the Israelis admitting to 13 (including four soldiers from friendly fire.) Now, as reporters get into Gaza, and start asking questions, the Palestinian death toll is starting to shrink. Medical personnel at the Palestinian hospitals say that there appeared to be no more than about 500 dead, and most of them were young males (guys of fighting age). Civilian dead appear to have been no more than a hundred or so.
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RebeccaH said...

Surprise, surprise.

Skeeter said...

Well, the death toll went up a little today after Hamas broke the ceasefire.
The luvvies on ABfC were quite subdued as they showed the video (taken from the Hamas viewpoint) of the Israeli vehicle exploding in a ball of flame.
Bit hard to blame that one on the evil Juice, though they did leave the door open for later adjustments with,
"It seems certain that this was a deliberate attack by Hamas, and not the results of a booby trap left over from before the ceasefire."

kae said...

Hamas broke the ceasefire?

I'm shocked, SHOCKED I say!

PS Haven't heard about the dam tour yet.