Friday, February 13, 2009

I've had a busy day! Update

A day off from work and I usually have to gallivant around the country side doing the errands and meeting appointments.

First up was a call to the doctors to try for an appointment this morning. Last weekend Floyd slipped his lead at the markets and I thought he'd be making a fluffy little white doggie his favourite chew toy. He LOVES people, but dogs not so much. I tried to grab him, but wasn't fast enough and his fur isn't quite long enough where I grabbed (I could grab Bundy by the coat no problems, no pain).

I went down on my left knee, sorta, like a bag of spuds (I think I've told this tale before...).
My knee blew up while I was at the markets, I had no time to look around, I took care of the order I'd picked up and, with the help of my potter friend to carry the pottery for me, got back to the car quickly and went home to RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) the injury. I need to buy a few more gel ice packs. I was so tired after a few hours I went for a nanna nap. When I woke I was very stiff and sore in my injured knee. More ice. A little later I went to the supermarket (it was about five hours since I'd injured it).

The knee was yellow and bruised by Sunday, but not as sore as it had been. Still swollen, and very tender beside the kneecap on the outside of the knee where I suspect it hit the ground first. A very impressive yellow, fat knee!

On Wednesday night in the shower I noticed a very dirty patch on my ankle, in the depression under the ankle joint on the inside of my foot. I wondered as I wiped it with the cloth what it was. Turns out it's a huge, dark purple and red bruise coming out. Pretty spectacular!

I did take a pic of the ankle, but it's not very good so I'll spare you.

The knee is still quite tender and I thought with all that bleeding perhaps I should get it checked by x-ray - hey, I'm really not a spring chicken any more.

Long story short, a visit to the doc (Mohammed!?!?!?), and an x-ray and, aside from "age related degeneration"*, the knee is fine. No sprain, no fracture.

After the Doc it was off to the dentist. Friday the thirteenth's never been so good for me (Oh, wait! Got my first office job after I left school on a Friday 13th!) The hole in the tooth was huge, caused by a piece of tooth breaking off. No decay! Yay! He just filled it and off I went. Woo-hoo!

From the Dentist to the x-ray place. Reasonably fast. I was there at 12:30, done by 1pm and out. Films and report ready in 1.5 to 2 hours, I decided to wait around for the films/report, so had a look around in the shops. Target had some slacks I like to wear for work on special, mind you, that was all they had! As I was leaving there I received a call from the fridge delivery chap. He was in my area and would it be OK to deliver the fridge? It was only 2:30. Zoomed home and took delivery of the fridge...

The fridge, I love my new fridge, in fact I'm tempted not to go out tomorrow night and stay home and look at my new fridge instead... it's got a clock in it. It's got a digital temperature setting thingy. Ah, thermostat. One for the fridge bit and one for the freezer bit.

My fridge has a clock in it? A clock. IN the fridge.

Um, where was I? Oh, yeah. The digital display isn't working at the moment. I'll have to trouble shoot it. Ahh. Turn it off for five minutes at the powerpoint to reset the display which can be affected by power fluctuations. Hmm.

Back into town to pick up the films... have a bite to eat... pop into Aldi and do some shopping. Bad. Very bad. Lots of interesting stuff in Aldi.

Oh noes! It's five o'clock and I forgot to take the car to Beaurepaires to get them to check the sloow-but-getting-faster leak in the rear driver's side tyre. Filled the tyre up with air on the way home. Picked up some lovely fresh veggies cheap from a roadside stall for one of the girls at work.

A big day.

What got up my nose today was driving back to town after the fridge delivery. I was behind the school bus. It stopped to let off some kids. The left indicator was on. Then all the blinking lights went on. I seem to recall that you aren't allowed to pass a school bus with all the flashing lights as kids are getting off. Good thing I didn't pass the bus. The kids eventually got off the bus and ran across the road in front of the bus.

I'm sure I recall being taught as a child to wait until the bus has gone, and you could see traffic in both directions, before trying to cross the road? By the way, where the bus stopped is in a 70kph zone, and there were double lines.


Maniacal laughter.
The fridge deliverers were supposed to take away the old fridge and freezer. I didn't have time to transfer the stuff out of the old ones before I had to go back to town... so we decided to arrange pick up later.
That was a good idea, because along with the disappearance of the control panel digital display the refridgeration function of the fridge seems to have gone, too. The frozen stuff I'd put in there was covered with condensation and the milk and yoghurt I'd put in the fridge part wasn't too cold and was sitting in little puddles of water.
This is after I turned it off for about 10 minutes to reset the display. The display hasn't come back... yet.

I know shit happens, I'm just a bit tired of it happening to me. And my fridge mechanic mate who could advise what to look for is at a wedding in Mt Isa this weekend. Arrgh.


Anonymous said...

"I know shit happens, I'm just a bit tired of it happening to me"

I know it's no consolation, but I thought, I was singled out for this sort of thing the last few month.
Every (well 3) appliance I bought turned out out be, DOA, or not working as expected and had to be returned.
Luckily nothing as big as a fridge.

So if you appreciate company in misery, you are welcome to join.

kae said...
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kae said...

Hi Orion

I'm hoping this is the culmination of about six weeks of crap which seems to have piled on me. I'll blog about that later.

Though it's a well known fact that if one item of whitegoods chucks in the towel you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll have two other appliances give up the ghost. The chances of them being major appliances are in direct ratio to the dead applicance's status in the appliance heirarchy, and that means the odds are huge!

Minicapt said...

From my 'Murphy's Law' calender:
"Nothing is so bad that it can't get worse."