Friday, June 19, 2009

Floyd, the naughty puppy

He's usually so good!

Let me start from the beginning.

Floyd has a lovely dog box, he sleeps near the back door, on the back door mat, or in the box if he's cold. He has some bedding in the dog box, a woollen blanket and an old chenille bedspread. Sometimes he drags them out of the box, but usually he leaves them in there.

Today I managed to get to the St Vinnies, Red Cross and other charity shops in town to see if I could buy an inexpensive second-hand single bed quilt. No joy in any of the charity shops. So then I thought I'd try Target, cheapest quilt was about $80. No. (I remember when you used to be able to buy a single bed polyester filled quilt for less than $20.) Bloody hell!

I looked everywhere. Twice.

No joy. Back to junk shops (Crazy Prices). They had dog mattresses for $35. So that's what I got.

I brought it home and after feeding the dogs I gave Floyd the dog mattress. He jumped all over it, rolled on it. Loved it. We played for a while and then I went inside to make a cuppa.

When I came back outside the mattress was out of the dogbox and he'd started to pull the filling out.


He's never chewed anything before. Well, he's about 10 months old and he's just started chewing the good coir back door mat.

The mattress has had the stuffing replaced and it's now inside with me. We'll see if he can not chew it and gut it over the weekend. I have to catch him doing it.

I'll try and get a new photo of him, he's still gorgeous. My friend commented the other day about his freckles.

I've been really tired and not 100% lately, just flat out at work, now I've figured out what I'm doing (well, some of what I'm doing). And I've been coughing up a lung, too.


Mehaul said...

Floyd sounds great. Remember if you cough up one lung, you only have one left. After that it's curtains. Go easy with that first lung.

RebeccaH said...

Puppies love to chew, and they also, for some reason, like to pull the stuffings out of pillows, quilts, toys, etc. I think it has something to do with the hard-wired instinct to gut their prey, or something.

And remember, dogs become adults in body within a year, but they keep that puppy brain until they're about three years old.

kae said...

He's either very, very smart or his wiring's shorted out.
He hasn't chewed anything he shouldn't in the many months since October when I brought him home. He will be one on 1 Aug 09.
He hasn't even chewed my shoes when he's got hold of them!
He's just started on the mat recently. He's not even chewed his toys (squeaky things). There's one toy which is torn, it's a baby plastic squeaky teddy thingy, but I think it's torn by mistake, he hasn't chewed it up, he prefers to play with the lion with the rope tail. And the knotted rope thingy.

The other day he did lots of jobs around which I had to scoop up. I was talking with him while I cleaned up and suggested that perhaps I should have called him Academic instead of Floyd, 'cos he's full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Great to see you're back. Look after that lung.

As to Floyd, go here

I went to a Cesar Millan "seminar" at the Burswood Casino a couple of weeks ago, having enjoyed and marvelled at his TV show. He da man when it comes to canine behaviour.


Egg said...

"but they keep that puppy brain until they're about three years old"

My similar cross-bred 3yo just chewed the mattress she's had for 2 years - mid winter - doh!