Friday, July 17, 2009

Update: And what will happen to these thugs?

THE parents of a 19-year-old man who sustained a brain injury after he was bashed by strangers in a fast food restaurant have urged the offenders to come forward.

Shocking footage released by Victoria Police shows promising footballer Luke Adams choked in a headlock before passing out and falling to the ground about 5.45am (AEST) on Monday at the Hungry Jack's restaurant on the corner of Chapel Street and Malvern Road, Prahran.

Mr Adams tried to intervene when one of his friends was accosted by three strangers but his attempt failed and the three attackers began punching and choking him until he became unconscious.

The compelling footage shows blood spilling from his head.

The Frankston South man was taken to The Alfred hospital where he remains suffering from a serious brain injury.

The injured man came to the aid of a friend who was being assaulted by the group of men. They set upon him, one held him in a choke hold until he lost consciousness and dropped to the floor, striking his head on the corner of a wall.

More here. And here (with video and photos).

Police hope to make arrests soon. I hope the three are charged soon and the book is thrown at them.


It's happening already - three arrests.

Konstantinos Kontoklotsis, 32, of Brunswick, Mark Bogtstra, 21, of Camberwell, and Nathan Karazisis, 24, of Burwood East, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates' Court yesterday charged with offences including affray and recklessly causing serious injury.

And the excuses begin already. All respect to the magistrate for refusing to suppress the name of one of the thugs whose legal representative requested suppression of his name to protect his family from repercussions. Look:

Lawyer Tim Gattuso sought an order suppressing publication of Mr Kontoklotsis's name, saying the family was concerned about repercussions, particularly as his client's mother suffered schizophrenia.

"It's submitted that there is a significant risk of repercussions where there is the type of media focus that there has been in this case," he said.

Mr Gattuso said there were fears that the publication of Mr Kontoklotsis's name could place his mother in danger and affect her mental health.

But magistrate Jelena Popovic refused the application.

Mr Kontoklotsis's brother and sister were supporting him in court yesterday. The court heard his father had been swept off rocks and died when Mr Kontoklotsis was nine.
And it's happened at this Hungry Jack's before.

A MELBOURNE man bashed at the same Hungry Jack's outlet where a talented footballer was allegedly attacked last Monday says another violent incident is just around the corner.

Marcus Bate was the victim of a vicious attack at the Prahran fast-food outlet back in 2006.

The incident left the 30-year-old father of one with head injuries requiring 26 stitches.

Mr Bate said the incident occurred after he tried to step in and defuse an argument between his friend and another customer at about 11pm on November 2, 2009 (sic).


Boy on a bike said...

Eeek, I've eaten a Whopper in that very same place at about the same time in the morning.


Mehaul said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for justice. A young Canadian has also been murdered in Melbourne by gutless hoons who will receive their few years in the clink and then be back out onto the streets. I just wish it was the bleeding hearts who got attacked so they could get a taste of their own bad medicine.