Monday, July 13, 2009

Blonde Floyd!

Check him out looking at the people, it's Floyd I tell ya!

In Aus the advert airs with an Aussie voice over and I think the music is different, too. The song in the Australian version is called The Guide, performed by Borne.


Minicapt said...

(Do not yield to temptation!!!!)


kae said...

Goodness me, Minicapt, you know me better that I thought!

No. I won't be tempted. Floyd's enough of a handful.
Meg and Bundy are docile and calm in comparison.

Tonight a student is trapping bandicoots on my property. Floyd went nutso. Bundy and Meg were fine. No barking or anything.

Floyd went ballistic!

Anonymous said...

minicapt beat me to it,

I would adopt that lovely dog, if we had room for more that two.

Looking at their faces as they go from hope to disappointment makes you stop in your tracks, and I'm not even one who places animals above humans.

Hope your old fellow, Bundy will have some more enjoyable time.

Once they start suffering with no hope at all, the kindest thing is to ease them over, same as with us.