Saturday, July 18, 2009


Have I told you I love cherries? I love most stone fruit, but cherries are my favourites. Huge, firm, dark, sweet. Yum!

Christmas has always been my favourite season for fruit, here in Australia it's stone fruit season.

At the moment I can get imported cherries from the USA for under $10/kilo. They are lovely (earlier cherries were nearly $20/kilo and in terrible condition, I'm surprised the supermarket sold any of them), now the condition is excellent and they are inexpensive.

So, to all the cherry growers in the USA who export to Australia, I'd just like to say thanks so much! (I can't thank any grower specifically as I couldn't see the box to findout where the cherries were from.)

Look at these beauties (above) found here on the web... Reading what they've said on their site Michigan has had bad cherry weather and their sweet dark cherry crop hasn't been good as usual.
Food miles. Cherries from the US to Australia.
Gotta love them!


Minicapt said...

Cherry season is pretty well over. We had 3 or 4 sessions for jams/jellies. Raspberries are in season, quite delicious off the bush, firm but melt in your mouth, tartly sweet but often sweetly tart.
Apples are next.

No, I don't like to share.


kae said...


I love raspberries, too. Raspberries, white chocolate and macadamia slice (the white chocolate slice is like a brownie).

That's interesting as the cherries have just appeared for a reasonable price in the supermarkets. Are there other places which may have later seasons?

Oh, I grew raspberries in Melbourne, we moved before the start of the second season, and the canes were laden with berries and flowers. I only got one small serve the first season.


Anonymous said...

Michigan grows a variety of fruit. North Michigan is famous for cheries. Traverse City has an annual cherry festival. (Festivals are very big in the midwest US. They usually celebrate a particular fruit or vegetable).

Washington is also famous for Rainier cherries.

Yesterday I bought some blueberries. They went great with my bowl of hot oatmeal.