Saturday, July 4, 2009

Speaking of plastic....

When I heard that the family and Al Sharpton were organising the funeral/memorial ceremony for MJ my immediate thought was, "He's just died and now the circus begins."

Now I've seen reports on TV that tickets, yes, tickets to the MJ Memorial are selling for $1,500.


They should shoot these scalpers. (Update: The tickets are free and are being drawn in a lottery.)

Though judging from the people interviewed who adored MJ there'd be some silly enough to pay that much to attend a memorial service.

That's disgusting.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Well, Jacko's family have found the source of more filthy lucre. Jesus even in death they will still try to turn a $ off the man.

I get pissed off, that they couldn't even give this freak some dignity in death.....thats my rant.

kae said...

No, no, no, Carpe, the tickets are free. They're just 'cos numbers will be limited I'd imagine.

It's just the scalpers.

But the circus has just begun with the "spectacular" planned as a memorial service.

kae said...

Oh, and the hangers on - they've already started raising MJ to some kind of champion for the black man.

FFS, he was a singer and a choreographer and a dancer.

And, as it turns out, terminally weird.

He killed himself.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Hi Kae

Yes you are right, but i just get so p1ssed off that even in death the freakish personality that was MJ can't be accorded some level of dignity.

For all his faults (and they are legion) i think the guy deserved better than this circus.

kae said...

His life was certainly a circus. He lived a lie.

The family and his, er, "supporters", the ones who can see a buck in the posthumous circus, or those who can use MJ to hammer home their point and use his blackness to further their victim cause - chips on shoulders included - they are sickening.
I never much liked MJ. And the weirdness made me even less inclined to ever like him or his work.

Carpe Jugulum said...


Not a fan of MJ myself, but to see Al Sharpton jump on the bandwagon achieved a new low. Truly pathetic.

Now if it was Iron Maiden or Judas Priest that had perished that would be different, that would deserve an outpouring of public grief.

kae said...

Iron Maiden?

Judas Priest?

Er, I must be old. They're metal aren't they? Not my cuppa, either.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Oh c'mon. Juda Priest have been around since before 1980, who could not remember such classic tracks as, Breaking the law, british steel, screaming for vengance, My little buttercup, (i made that last one up)

They toured recently, (didn't get to go), but did see Iron Maiden last year, near deaf for 24 hours and worth it.

kae said...

Sorry, Carpie.
I saw Billy Joel last year.
Free. A friend won tickets.
I'm not a metal fan.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Buttercup?, you know early 60's frilly skirts, oh hang on that was my boy lollipop, but same same, any way......Billy who???? Joel you say.....mmmmmmm no bells a ringin yet, is he a muso of some sort?????? I know a guy called Billy Krakowski, but he plays castanets, ala Carmen Miranda

kae said...

Musically speaking, five years is a yawning gap, isn't it!

Carpe Jugulum said...

aaaahahhahahahaha, just a question of taste, although the 1980's pretty boy glam rock is a part of my life best forgottten. Difficult to imagine without skin crawling

kae said...

You sound like someone I know who says the 70s are the time that taste forgot.

I keep finding music that's not too bad from then. Don't ask me now, though. Too tired to go looking.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Ok Memory test now, Ted Mulrey Gang was the first band i ever saw live, i was 13 and allowed out on my own as a treat. (1976 a great year), i actually have a couple of their clips embedded off youtube. Oh god i'm old........ ;)

kae said...

I remember Ted Murey.
1976. LOL, I was 18. I'd seen Tina Turner and her useless parasite husband the year before at the Hordern Pavillion I think.
She was amazing.