Saturday, August 8, 2009

Electricity charges to increase yet again in Queensland

I just want to slap Anna in the moosh. Her "let them eat cake" attitude is really grating.

Asked about the increase in electricity prices her comment included that, if people really wanted to lower their electricity costs they should get themselves a solar system. Who can afford that kind of outlay?

The reason that the providers are putting up electricity is because they say they need to work on infrastructure and they've been working on the more efficient and constant delivery of power to all Queenslanders.

Power has already risen by about 30% in the last three years, with another increase it's said that it will have risen about 50% in four years. What about all the money being sloughed off by the government which should have been used to plough back into the provision of the service and infrastructure.

Read CM editorial here.

And I thought that these increases will be pushing people to use renewable sources if the price gets too high, perhaps that is the plan - although I don't know how the base load will be met by crappy underdeveloped systems of electricity generation like big fans and solar.

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Mehaul said...

Labor is lurching from one uncontrollable price increase to another, while blaming everyone bar themselves. Watching the limp JP Langbroek last night debate this slothful Labor queen on the ABC was even sadder. Where to from here?