Friday, August 7, 2009

Hail Saint Anthony

full of grace, lead my to the hiding place....

Today I lost my faith, hope and charity necklace.

I am very unhappy.

I think I lost it walking to the interview.

There was no parking nearby and I had to park about a kilometre away. My hair was sticking to my neck with perspiration and I think when I flicked the hair from my neck I caught my necklace.

I'm told St Anthony doesn't discriminate - being a heathen proddy I thought there was no point asking him for help.

What really makes me cranky is that I don't lose jewellery... never lost any earrings, necklaces or anything in my life!


Boy on a bike said...

Is this the St Anthony of which you speak?

Picked this up from "heaven & earth".

kae said...

No... I'm not the tyke, don't ask me!
It's St Anthony, patron saint of lost things.

MDFD's the RC, not me.