Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quadrant Online ETS Forum

Doomed Planet
Have a read.


Skeeter said...

At last, a learned forum providing real debate on AGW.
Let's hope it's not too late to stop the insane carbon tax.
Kae, we have an online subscription to Quadrant so you link works fine for us. Do you know if non-subscribers can gain access through your link?

kae said...

Hi Skeeter!
How are you?
Yes, I don't subscribe, but I can access the site (I did check before I put it up, no point linking if it's subscription only!).

Skeeter said...

Thanks Kae.
That means I can email your link to some recalcitrant global warmerers.

kae said...

Good luck with the conversion, Skeeter!
I'm watching Landline, I haven't heard reference yet to AGW, but it'll come and that's when I switch off... The records are being shifted a bundle at a time from the boxes to the top of the cabinet, and I'm doing some other things, too.
I might even be able to connect up my DVD and DVD/Video players/recorders as I've purchased a new TV stand with wheels, last one and it was only $30 ($10 off).

Skeeter said...

The moment to switch off came when the Macadamia grower blamed the recent damaging storms on "climate change". She stated that as if it was a positive fact, not just her opinion.
I could have directed her to records of a number of similar events I have lived through over the last 75 years in this region. I am willing to bet my Macadamia farm against her Macadamia farm that similar events will occur in the next 75 years even if the carbon tax gets passed in parliament.

kae said...

I suspect that all the people who believe in AGW have had their memory wiped, particularly the ones of my age or your age who have lived through similar storms/droughts/weather events, because it is all there in the history.

Either they have had their memories wiped, or they are stupid. Which do you think?

Oh, and I heard the narrator on Landline say that if this is what climate change brings then they will have to get ready for it, I didn't hear the farmer say it... I was in and out of the room. Probably a good thing.

Then there was Message Stick. 10 year celebration of Message Stick. Sticking the Message to whitey - truly. Highlights... Kev says sorry, some footage of a white woman performing an aboriginal song - which they all (in the studio) disowned, the song I mean, and then rabbitted on about how they have a voice.

And one of the spokesmen said something about the original owners of the land... owners? I recall many years ago an aboriginal insisting that they didn't own the land, they were looking after it... I'm pretty sure that traditional aboriginals have no ownershop of anything... and posession of items is communal. For example, Mary gets a new comb. Mary's Auntie says "Mary, I like that comb." Mary is expected to give that comb to Auntie. That's why there are often so many freeloaders in the houses built for aboriginal families.