Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time Team in Hiatus, look what's on instead

ABC1 Tuesday nights 6:10pm

Finding the Fallen

At the end of the Great War, nearly two million soldiers were missing, presumed dead.

Almost 90 years later, the bloody battlegrounds of France and Belgium are surrendering their secrets. A team of archaeologists, historians and forensic experts is working to identify unknown soldiers and finally lay them to rest.

Finding The Fallen is a documentary series that follows the work of this team as they move through time and across the battlefields of France and Belgium, releasing the fallen and their stories of courage and sacrifice from the mud of the First World War battles in which they fought and died.


The professional and dedicated members of The Trench Detectives use their skills to trace artifacts and personal possessions found on the battlefield back to the soldiers who once owned them. By doing so they reveal the personal histories of named soldiers and cast light on the human nature of war.

Here's the ABC1 link to search results.

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