Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food miles

What a load of horse-puckey!

Apparently the economics of production of the food is not considered at all in calculations of "food miles".

When will this "carbon (dioxide) is a pollutant" rubbish just go away?

More later, maybe.

Here's another article of interest... that's got to be some pretty fantastic beef! And we are warned that food prices will double in the next ten years, as they have over the past ten years... funny how the producers of the food seem to still be struggling to make ends meet. What has this got to do with the prices and the mark up of the big two supermarkets? (Mind you, some of the smaller players have increased their prices in these past few years to match those of the Big Two, I note IGA prices have risen markedly, particularly for meat which is now mostly comparative to the Big Two.


Mr. Bingley said...

These greenies really just hate people.

We have developed the most efficient food supply system the world has ever seen, feeding far more people than all the 'population bomb' scare-a-holics of the 70s were worrying about, and they get their knickers all in a twist.

Soylent greenies.

Minicapt said...

"A high protein diet can be a useful for losing weight, but eating beef three times a week means about 1.5 tonnes of methane emissions a year, the CSIRO says, which could be more than the entire food footprint of a dedicated vegetarian."

Kill the veggie guy and have beef five times a week?


Anonymous said...

Kill the veggie guy and have beef five times a week?

Who can argue with that?


Merilyn said...

You are right about IGA, that's our local supermarket in our little town and they get their meat from the local butcher over the road!! The local veggie shop has closed down [pity as they used to sell the produce from the local growers], the lady who ran the veggie shop never recovered well enough after she had a car accident.
So the veggies are also sold in the supermarket now and they don't taste as good.
Have to agree with the above, the Greens just hate people [except for themselves].

Boy on a bike said...

I work at a site from time to time where they have big posters up saying, "Your food travels 70,000km before it reaches your plate".

What a load of crap. My potatoes went three times around the planet before I cooked and mashed them?

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

"kill the veggie guy and have beef five times a week" Most profound but not quite accurate, I think you will find that the methane output of a strict vegetarian would be commensurate with a cow, as they only have one stomach and ferment rather than digest.

This fact would suggest that the bride price of a greenie veggo would be one cow. Very cheap and low on upkeep. It would also mean that sacrificing a few vegans would allow the rest of the population to enjoy many BBQ,s with out harming Gaia.