Saturday, September 4, 2010

What's going on?

From emails I sent during the past two weeks.... (Reproduced so you know what's going on, and because someone told me that parts were humorous.)


I have to do a job application this weekend. They’re having a restructure and the Faculty I am in is to be abolished and three of the schools where I am will be amalgamated into a “Super School”.

My job is a level 4 and I just got it and on my own merits (I was feeling quite good about this,too!). In the new Super School there will be three level 4 jobs where I am. There are five level four admin officers where I am. (There are three level fives where I am and only two level 5 positions. The job I currently do should be a level 5, staff everywhere else on the campus who are responsible for the same duties as me are paid at level 5).

I am over this crap. I went through this crap in the school at the Brisbane campus* with a restructure and that’s why I HAD to get a job where I am or I’d be “redeployed”, not too bad, you still have a job, but if it gets desperate and you can’t find a job on your own merits you can be given a job anywhere, on any campus, and not necessarily one you’d like.

In the current position I have an agreeable boss who isn’t a bloody Nazi, unlike the old one I had in the school I worked in at the main campus. She’d question you about leave and so on, and you’d feel guilty if you were ill!

To top it all off, this huge dissolution and amalgamation is to happen on 1 January 2011. I feel a bit like Sgt. Schultz. “I know nothing!” What’s is so stressful is not knowing what’s happening. I know I won’t be without a job, but.....


I need a drink or 10!

My little friend R is 11 on Monday and I will be out for the day with her on Sunday, lunch and shopping. We are good mates! She’s fun!

On top of this I have agreed to look after the local RSL’s website. Problem is that the mob they are with aren’t very helpful with instructions, they won’t give me instructions on how to get into the website – I have an ID and password which won’t work where I think it will work, and it uses FTP – I haven’t used FTP since about 2005-6, and I threw out the destructions. The Uni has OCM, Online Content Manager which is self contained and you don’t need FTP unless you want to upload page formats or things like that.



My day.


Soooo busy!

I bought an air freshener thingy from Aldi for the toilet at work, there’s a break in the seal in the s bend pipe and it emits a strong septic pong.

It is a citrus scented thing that lasts six weeks. It has a glass bottom and a conical top. I only had to carry it back to the office and leave the other groceries in the car.

I popped it into my handbag upside down (it fitted).

It wasn’t closed properly from the factory.

It’s leaked through my leather handbag and through the stuff in my handbag. It stunk out my office and I’ve had to throw all my handbag lollies out (tin boxes of the mint things), because they stink of the air freshener, which now makes me feel ill.

Bag liner is washed and rinsed with soap and water and hanging on the line, along with the rest of the bag. I hope the stink goes away I’ll not be able to use it if it stays. Grrr!

And did I say I’m busy?


Every time I touch anything all I can smell is that citrus pong.
It’s not even a nice scent.


And I’ll have to transfer my handbag stuff from my dilly bag to another handbag. But I don’t think I can face it tonight.

Oh, and did I mention I filled up my wheely bin this AM and then forgot to put it out the front?

Thank God for good neighbours. A couple of phone calls to find one home and he put it out for me!

Must take a bottle of plonk to him and his wife to say thanks (I owe for a few little things done for me!).
*There’s a bit of a long story about that, too. But it is best I not go there!

Oh, and R had such a good time she couldn’t wait to tell her Mum the next morning, in fact Mum rang me next day to tell me that R had such a good time that she was woken at 4am to hear all about it (Mum manages a bar and functions in a local golf club in Brisbane and didn't fall into bed the night before until after midnight.) Poor Mum!
And the handbag still stinks.
And my office still stinks.
I hate citrus room deodoriser.
I bought a new small upright 81L freezer about three weeks ago, the old one, a 150L chest freezer is 22 years old and has had already had one replacement lid (with seal). Even though it’s mostly used for storage and therefore not used very much, it ices up a lot and I suspect, being so old, is chewing the power. I couldn’t get the little freezer in the back seat of the car, so I asked a friend to pick it up for me – I gave him the docket. He’s a farmer (my sexton), and very busy with feed selling and chaffing and delivery of same, and I just tracked him down yesterday.

He’s lost the docket.


And I didn't get the job application done.... this is the email I sent to a lass I work with, she applied for the job.


I thought about the job and I would probably love it, but I’m battling to write the application – and I really think that it’s underpaid (as is the level 4 here that I do!). If the school wasn’t being dissolved I would have pushed for it to be upgraded to a 5, everywhere else it’s a five (or they have two fives doing parts of my job and Jodie’s job).

I am shattered, neck’s sore as.

I just want the whole restructure shitfight to be over and sorted. It’s the not knowing, and I’ve had enough stress in the past 18 months! I felt so good when I got the job in SIS, because I got it on my merits, and I’m liking it – except not knowing what the procedures are in the school sometimes. I sometimes have to check with the academics who sign things off!

There’s so much to catch up on, too. I’ll have to sort the timetabling ASAP and while I’m doing that try and get the filing done, we’ve needed to find stuff. I found a course change form (wrong form, they used a candidature change form which was right for then, but is wrong now), from September 2009. It had been put with the photocopy in with the concertina folder to be filed.... somehow it was missed (with the volume of work some days I’m not surprised!).

I’ll get there eventually, I hope I get it sorted by the time we’re on the dole queues...


I have a cardiologist appointment on 16 September. Happy day. My birthday.


Merilyn said...

Kae, sit down take a breather, count to twenty, have a cup of tea, then go out and pull up some weeds, so you can take out all your frustration, then calmly go back to filling in your application, tell the RSL mob the facts of life, that if they want you to do computer work for them then you need all the information, or it is a no-go, [you'll feel better for that].
Other then that your only other option is not to get out of bed for a couple of days!

Anonymous said...

I like the way you think, Merilyn. Hope Kae pays attention!

stackja1945 said...

Happy 21st on 16 Sept.

wayne Job Broadford Victoria said...

Jezus Kae, haven't you learned how to have a simple life yet. Happy birthday princess.