Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't laugh

How many keys do you need for a ride-on mower?

Well, if you don't want to bugger the lock (giggle), you only need one.

I now have three.


The two spares were on the key rack - but I thought there was only one key, and the key head was not like what I remembered.


I just mowed for an hour and now I need to shower 'cos I'm as itchy as all get out... the dust, the grass and those bloody grubs that were around for the last few months eating all the trees.

And when I got back into the house from mowing out the front Floyd had tried to get to me (he was missing out on something) so the back door is open and the house is probably full of mozzies.
Good work, Floyd. I'll bet that ratbag mate of yours Carpe has been boosting you!


Merilyn said...

lol......the boy just wants to have fun! Heh, how many keys have you now????

bingbing said...

Just remember where you put them this time!

Who else has that bad habit of putting important stuff in "secure" places, and then when the time comes you can't bloody remember which bat cave or foxhole it's in? And yet at the same time you find all kinds of stuff you've completely forgotten you have.

How I manage to constantly do this in a modest (small!) Korean studio apartment is beyond me.

And as for Carpe, the bloke is nothing but trouble.