Saturday, October 16, 2010

Singh Inquiry

As previously posted here, it appears that inquiry into whether there is enough evidence to take Max Sica to court and find him guilty has judged that Sica will stand trial for the murders of the Singh siblings, Neelma , 24, Kunal, 18, and Sidhi, 12, whose bodies were found in the spa of their home on 22 April 2003.

It has taken many years for the police to gather evidence and with the presentation of that evidence the magistrate has decided that Sica will stand trail for the murders. It is not a decision made lightly and there must be evidence enough to put forward a case for a murder conviction for the magistrate to decide to take the case to trial.

This article has more information.

Unfortunately I haven't followed the inquiry as closely as I would have liked. I am sure I will be enlightened by the evidence which is disclosed at the trial.

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