Sunday, February 6, 2011


I love figs.

I visited the markets up the valley yesterday and there was a couple selling figs. Five in a bag for $2. They are big figs. I love figs. I asked "How much for ten dollars?" I walked away with a box... I'm sure the box weighed more than two kilograms (2.2lb per kilo), and probably more than three. Figs sell at the moment for about $2-3 each. Yum!

Figs have tiny, little seeds in them.

Colonoscopy on Thursday.

Diet. Low residue... no nuts, seeds, etc.


Can ya freeze figs?

From Minicapt, a funny song.


Kaboom said...

Baked beans. Lots of them. The only way to go......

kae said...

But I don't want to go kaboom, Kaboom!

At least I can be sure that the video will be the only one on cable with no shit on it.


Kaboom said...

Hey, Kae, how did you go with the flood in your area?

kae said...

Hi Kaboom
I posted several blogs about it.
I live high on a hill so I am fine.
A work colleague was evacuated from her home in Forest Hill and several people at work lost a little or everything they owned in the flood in Brisbane.

Skeeter said...

Kae, my pleasure in eating figs was not spoilt by finding out the following information about them — so I hope I'm not spoiling them for you.
The fig we eat is not the fruit, but the flower of the plant. If you look carefully, you can see all the flower bits in the middle.
Obviously, they cannot be fertilised by bees, so how do they complete the sexy bits of their reproduction cycle?
They are fertilised by a tiny maggot, which is more than likely still in the flower when you eat it.

Good luck with your colonoscopy. I hope you have chosen a hospital that has really good sandwiches, and plenty of them, in the recovery room.

kae said...

Think I preferred it when I knew that wasps fertilised them. I thought the flowers were invisible in the stem, the wasps fertilised them and then we got figs.

I just washed the car, I think I'm going to die... perspiration is dripping off me, and spraying myself didn't help.

Arrgh. Bring on winter!

Oh, and those stale old sandwiches that have fillings I wouldn't eat in a fit are usually the best ones I've ever eaten!

Minicapt said...


kae said...

PS I have found washing the car very difficult with my crook shoulders and sore hands. Today I used a microfibre mit with a net on one side and the soft stuff on the other.
It worked well (except for the damn tar blobs and bits on the car), and didn't have me crying with pain after only washing one side of the car...

Merilyn said...

Figs, Figs, jeez I have one Fig tree down the back yard, only one daughter eats Figs so they often go to waste, why didn't you call out? Oh that's right you are not supposed to take fruit past a certain point in NSW.
Ha, you lot at least had sandwiches, all I got was a lousy stale biscuit and half a cup of tea.

kae said...


I have a few, but need to figure out where to plant them - meanwhile they sit in pots.

The hospital is St Vincents in 'woomba and it's private - I don't pay a cent, the health fund covers it all (the doc only charges what the health fund pays!).

Merilyn said...

The Fig tree is pretty old, the original owner who built this house in the 50's planted it then.
I wanted to pull it out, but noticed that the birds like the fruit [apart from daughter] so left it there.

spot said...

As the Westboro-tards say,

"God Hates Figs":


spot said...

Sorry, I should have made that clicky:

Wand said...

Take care Kae. Enjoy your figs. Hmmm as a boy we had a huge fig tree in the backyard and many times I would eat the fruit straight from the tree ... ha tummy issues along with all the other fruits straight from the other trees (loquats, peaches, nectarines and apricots) LOL
Now how fast can you eat 2 kilos of figs? You should be able to freeze them. Anyway, you could always make some jam.

kae said...

Hi Wand
I can't eat them until after the bum-cam.
Freezing would be good, but making into jam ruins figs... I prefer them fresh.
I did give a lot to MDFD. She said they're lovely.
They were split because of the rain we've had here and the growers can't sell them on the market.

Fiona of Kuranda said...

I love figs too but I really really love peaches. Peaches straight off the tree, still warm with the juice running down your arms, peaches sliced and sprinkled with sugar, so the nectar is sweet and souree. Live in FNQ now, and I miss peaches. We do have mangoes though.

Good luck with your colonoscopy Kae, my turn next year I believe. Might have to eat some peaches...

SwampWoman said...

Dang, I HATE figs. When the sheep got out and ate the fig trees down to the ground, I was one happy camper. That way I no longer had to feel guilty because all those figs that I hated were just hanging there, taunting me to do something useful with them.