Monday, December 26, 2011

Shopping and forgetting

Today I thought I'd dash over to the nearest big-two supermarket and get some bits and pieces. I've had trouble finding my favourite laundry detergent, they must have discontinued the ones I like. And the er, wildlife in the ceiling is driving me nuts and I've already sent up two lots of party favours (Ratsak throw packs), I need to get some wax blocks, Bromakil. A varied diet is good for them!

I wanted to get some ham and some bread, and there is a plague of cockroaches at the moment so I need to get some roach baits. The roach baits were the main driver of my trip to the far supermarket (36ks round trip!).

Driving home I realise that after spending $170 I've forgotten the cockie baits. Arrrrrgh!


Merilyn said...

Psssst Kae, did you remember to take a list with you?

Anonymous said...

Not being rude but what on earth can you spend $170 on in a supermarket?


Mehaul said...

Kae. I've just bought a book on vinegar and how it cures all ills of the world. It doesn't cover vinegar killing cockies but why don't you try it and if it works I'll send it results to the publisher. Vinegar kills me so a dopey cocky could be well within its scope. Just spray it everywhere and wait.

kae said...


No, I doubt it. I'm single. Self-supporting, with a mortgage and I have two dogs.

The single most expensive item on the docket was pig's ears $26/20. Usually they're $3-4 each. They are a treat I like to get for the dogs.

Laundry detergent was half price so I stocked up.

Cheese, tasty was $9/kg and Jarlsberg was $5 instead of $7 for the sliced in the packet.

$7 worth of sliced ham.

Frozen vegies.

Things for the soldier's care packages.

kae said...

Oh, and some garden products for bugs and some charlie carp stuff for fertilizer. They're never cheap.

kae said...


How are you? Where are you?
Vinegar. Hmm.

Do you know that talcum powder will get rid of meat ants? Puff a generous amount in the holes in their nest and they'll go away. If it's a big one you might have to do it more than once.

It's also worked on the bitey-stingy green mongrel ants, too.

Merilyn said...

$170, that is not bad, when looking at the price of groceries these days, Cheese alone is now pricing itself off a lot of people's lists, meat is very expensive, same with some fresh food and yes garden products are very dear, so well done Kae.

Mehaul, good to hear from you, it has been some time since we have heard from you on Tim's blog and elsewhere hope all has been well.

**Re the talcum powder it works very well indeed, have closed off a few ant's nests with it.**

missred said...

i have also forgotten the single most important item on my list (yes, a written list). my reaction? bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger

cav said...

Hey Kae, I like the spray that leaves a deposit, I think they call surface spray - at least you get to see some dead guys, so you know it is working

cav said...

And another thing I've enjoyed your blog in 2011 and I look forward to 2012. I hope you find contentment. Cheers Cav

Winston said...

kae, try some dry plaster of paris, or that stuff you mix up to prepare gyprock sheets for painting - a couple of teaspoons of powder and flour. It sets like rocks in their guts and it's a reaction that generates heat - endo? exo? thermic, so cooks the little buggers.
And I have no sympathy on your distance to a Woolies - mine is a 420Km round trip.

kae said...

Me too, Miss Red, me too.
Bugger, bugger, bugger!
I had to go to another supermarket yesterday and walked in realised I'd completely forgotten what I'd gone there for... wandered up to an aisle and realised. It was OK then.
Bonus raspberries on spesh!! YUM!

The ex used a spray which left a white powdery deposit so you could tell where you sprayed (it wasn't a lot of powder, just a trace). Now it's been banned 'cos it's poisonous!
And thanks for reading the blog, that's one person who likes my blargle!

Winston, I've heard of the plaster of paris, but never used it. How much flour?
Exo is out and endo is in. Exothermic produces heat, endothermic absorbs heat. (I did have to check!)