Tuesday, February 7, 2012

redbacks and mosquitoes

A redback (almost) on the  toilet seat....

Mozzies  all over the place because of the rain.

Work - I'm as busy as a one-legged man in an arse kicking competition.

The redback, an immature one without its proper markings which had taken up residence in the ensuite, has been despatched. I hope there aren't any more, although I suspect that there may be.

The mozzies are, mostly, outside. But they've managed to give me a few irritatingly itchy bites.

Work - can't see any relief in that department for some time.


I'll try to give you more about Norfolk Island and Sydney on the weekend.


Merilyn said...

Gosh does it ever occur to those that put up these polls that Julia is criticised because of her policies and her lies? Besides reckon she gave herself away when she "played the poor little woman the other day on TV".

ninemsm poll; Is Julia Gillard criticised more because she is a woman?" Bah humbug.

Yes I knos Kae, I'm at it again re polls on nine.

1735099 said...

"I hope there aren't any more"
There is never just one Redback.........