Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cotter Dam, ACT, construction site live cam

I wonder what the consequences of this will be?

It's a live updating camera on the construction site and the water is increasing, and has increased, flowing over the dam since I've started watching about six hours ago.

In earlier images I could see the dam wall, it looked terraced. It's now not visible.
5pm 3MAR12

1843 3MAR12
2051 3MAR12
0651 4MAR12
1048 4MAR12
1523 4MAR12
1904 4MAR12
2101 4MAR12
0707 5MAR12
1826 5MAR12
0802 6MAR12
1800 8MAR12
0703 9MAR12
0816 10MAR12
0709 11MAR12

I stopped saving them about this time, but I'd hate to be the bunnies who had to clean it up, check safety, etc.!


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