Saturday, March 10, 2012

She's off again!

Mum's off tonight on another overseas adventure.
Included in the itinerary is Abu Dhabi.
Three weeks!

Work has calmed down, I have help now, so things will ease up I think. I have a web project to do for the local Rissole, transferring everything onto a new site (ick!), and then I might be able to have a bit of R&R and do some blogging.



Merilyn said...

Hope your Mum enjoys herself!

By the way how did the last dentist appointment go?

kae said...

HI Merilyn
The last dentist's appointment I had was in January, before I came home.

My next will be in June, July and one in August when I'll be flying down Friday and back on Sundy once a month. September is a problem, no cheap air fares. The six flights cost me $404 (three return Gold Coast to Sydney).

I had fourteen fillings needed and I need an orthotic 'cos my jaw is misaligned - wearing out my jaw joint. It makes a noise!

I'll tell you more in a post.