Friday, June 29, 2012

Newman/Springborg chop Queensland Health grants

THE NEWMAN Government has slashed about $20 million in Queensland Health grants in what has been a Black Friday for dozens of community organisations, including Family Planning Queensland.

Family Planning Queensland spokeswoman Cecelia Gore said the organisation had lost about $800,000 in funding.

She said the organisation was particularly concerned about the loss of a $450,000 grant which provided family planning support for women in rural and regional areas, disabled women and indigenous Queenslanders.

Ms Gore said the grant had been funded for more than a decade.
Ministerial Media Release
Friday, June 29, 2012
Changes to Queensland Health non-recurrent funding

The Minister for Health Lawrence Springborg has released a list of changes to Queensland Health grants for the new financial year having reviewed the long list of allocations ending on or before June 30, 2012.

He said 303 grants were scheduled for expiry, including a large number providing services to reduce public demand on Queensland hospitals or support frontline service delivery.

Of these, 119 were renewed at existing funding levels.

Letters of notification to those organisations were being distributed. He said the process of reviewing annual grants had been hampered by confused record-keeping that produced conflicting reports of departmental payments and allocations extending back over several years.

He apologised to organisations waiting for news of the proposed changes, saying reductions in expenditure were necessary but that conflicting advice had delayed the process.
When interviewed today Springborg said that it had been over ten years since any kind of audit had been carried out on recipients of these funds. Media release from LNP.

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