Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Laidley Flood January 2013

So, I got stranded in town during the flood and didn't get home for 24 hours.

Annoying as...

However, while stuck in town with no television or even a good book, I had the opportunity to see some interesting processes to clean the town after the waters receded, and I have photos. The photos need to be sized etc. and that will take me time which I don't have. Back to work next week.

Okay, this is just an iPhone pic which I SMSd to friends. It was less than an hour after dawn and it was raining off and on.

Finally, I can find how to upload the photos, but it takes an AGE to get the page up to upload, then the upload takes time, too.


Skeeter said...

Our little river turned into a big river for three days — the highest we have seen it in 26 years — but it did not get into anyone's house as far as we know. People on this river very sensibly build their houses on high ground.

I grew up in a flood town so your pic brings back memories — mostly of fun times in a rubber dinghy — but also of the evil-smelling flood mud.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter

Hope your Christmas and New Year have been great!

I remember as a kid friends of Mum and Dad in Lismore getting flooded out and Dad's best mate in Barraba getting flooded several times.

I remember growing up in Bankstown being amazed at the floods of the Georges River at Moorebank and Picnic Point, all along Henry Lawson Drive.

There are some interesting programs on 7mate tonight!

stackja1945 said...

Hit hard and twice, Laidley locals wonder whether to rebuild
SMH has the story today Sunday

kae said...

Hi Stacks
Thanks for that.
I'm not sure what is meant by a levy on the dam.
Do they mean a levee on the local (Bill Gunn) dam? Or a levee or a levy on the Wivenhoe dam?
A lot of people blame the release of water from Wivenhoe for this flood, but all this water came from up the valley past Mulgowie, it has nothing to do with releases from Wivenhoe.
Last time the water banked up from Lockyer Creek up Sandy Creek to Forest Hill. Sandy creek and Laidley Creek meet just past Forest Hill and because of the volume of water coming down Lockyer Creek from Mulgowie in 2011 the flood was worse in that it flooded both sides of Laidley Creek and inundated Forest Hill.
This year the water was higher, but the flood was only on that one side of the creek, and Forest Hill was not flooded.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Kae,
Are you still getting flooded last time I was up there I just got out before my scooter was drowned.

Wayne. PS Everything OK with you.

MickfromVic said...

Kae, the reason it takes forever to upload those photos is that the standard iphone photo is very large - both in dimensions and file size. Too large for what you need on the web.

Google resizing pictures for web and make the picture about 600x450 - this dramatically reduces the file size.

kae said...

Windows Photo Editor does me fine.

I have to resize, that's the pain, time to resize all the photos. I prefer the quality of the bigger file pictures for printing and for looking at detail.

Then even the smaller photos take ages to upload, then it's all the clicks to do things.

Blogger has made the whole blogging thing a pain in the bum. It all takes much longer than it did and I don't have time to muck around with it any more since the last lot of blogger "improvements".

Unknown said...

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