Monday, April 8, 2013

My fur coat

Richmond RAAF Base, Sgt's Mess... 1981. I think it was a ball.


Minicapt said...

Was the ball cricket?


SezaGeoff said...

Foxy - or is that a rabbit in the headlights?

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

I would have to say it looks good on you.

Sandi said...

Mine was similar. Wabbit - full length. Left hair over everything within a hundred metres.
Oh, and where the hell have you been?
I take it that with work and health issues, you haven't had much time for, or interest in, blogging. Good for you. Setting priorities is what it's all about. And we're all still here. Bonus!
Seriously, I hope things have settled to be much more pleasant, and manageable.
Kind regards

Zardoz said...

Lucky for you PETA was in its infancy back then or you could have found yourself subject to all kinds of harassment and indignities. They're such a classy group.

Glad that you checked in. A couple months of silence makes one wonder...

kae said...

Hi all

This was posted for a link to Catallaxy Files where I play sometimes.

I'm still around. Will try to post something about what I've been up to soon.

Sandi, flick me an email we need to catch up!

kc said...

You look lovely, except that you don't look HAPPY with looking lovely. I never had one of those coats.

In 81 I lived in Dallas, where Winter was about 4 weeks long and I was too poor to spend money on something I couldn't use all the time.

Skeeter said...

Mrs Skeeter and I both reckon you look gorgeous and we are very pleased to see you back in the saddle.
We are reminded that I found Mrs Skeeter at a Mess function (RAAF Point Cook) in 1958. We was too poor by far for fur — even rabbit.

kae said...

Hi All
Yes, I'm still around.
I doubt PETA would have bothered with me, I wasn't a model! (They wouldn't have been able to get on the RAAF base, anyway.)
Wish I was still foxy - LOL.
The new passion involves gardening.

cav said...

So Kae, you think your left side is your good side, well let me tell you ......

Skeeter said...

Trial comment:

My last successful comment on this site was at this post on April 16, 2013.
I suspect that my Blogger ID has been hacked or corrupt.
If this one works, I can start diagnosing.