Sunday, November 10, 2013


Just thought I'd call in here and check for cobwebs.

And squatters.


If the main stream media ever gets over their deification of Gillard there may be hope for them.

Somehow I doubt it.

That so many people can't see the problems with the previous government is a testament to the current state of journalism in Australia. They were so concerned with going after the opposition while leaving The Government alone, only re-releasing the press releases given to them by the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government which basically involved trumpeting triumphant try-hard exercises in back-of-the-coaster plans, many of which never left the stale beer sodden table.

And they're still going after Abbott.

And they're complaining that he's not got a 24 hour press release cycle for them to report on.

Honestly, while in opposition the coalition may as well have been in Government as everything they did and said was reported and pulled apart (often carelessly and without thought), and reported as wrong, bad, negative.




Anonymous said...

good to see you back

Minicapt said...

Could get to be like Toronto where the coverage of Mayor Ford's 'problems' is leading people to conclude that he may have had good reasons for his misbehaving.


Mr. Bingley said...

A few cobwebs every now and then never hurt anyone!

cav said...

Facebook gives me very little time on my blog now too Hae

Merilyn said...

Regarding the media spot on.

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

This is part of life in the Kern County Desert.

Skeeter said...

Trial comment:
I suspect that my Blogger ID has been hacked or corrupt. If this comment works it will indicate that I have fixed it, at least on your site Kae.

kae said...

Hi everyone
Welcome back Skeeter.
I do faff around on facebook sometimes, but I have other pressing personal life issues to be concerned with.

Stevo said...

hi kae

although your posts are a tad sparse, i visit your site a couple of times daily to check your "who's updating" column ... that's regularly updated and there are some very good links there

trust all is well. get my card this year?