Thursday, September 10, 2015

9/11 fourteen years on - what have we learned?

Nothing it seems.

Complacency has set in and noone cares.

The fools believe those holding the victim card.

Some photos to remind us.

I watched a movie last night, a compilation of all the video footage from 102 minutes of the 9/11 attack.

I was sad.

Sad for the loss.

Sad that real people lost so much because of the actions of so few.

Sad that our governments have learnt nothing from 9/11 and other terrorist acts carried out in the world.


Skeeter said...

Sadder still is the fact that I have otherwise apparently intelligent friends who are convinced that the buildings collapsed because of explosives planted by the CIA.
For a comprehensive collection of rebuttals to the conspiracy theories, see this:

bruce said...

Hi Kate,
Yes, I did not foresee 14 years ago the way things would turn out. I miss the old days of the internet and blame the invasion of vapid "social media" for the drop in the tone of the 'net, I guess that makes me a snob of sorts. Confession: I'd happily read a thread full of Mr Numbers comments compared to the stuff I see now. I did not realise things would get worse! All is forgiven Numbers!

kae said...


How could you say such a thing?

My experience with FB is that it's full of people who look like adults, but who mostly behave like children.

The number of people with little general knowledge of "things" (things I learnt in primary school and high school for example), is an eye-opener. No wonder they believe in AGW and everything that the left dishes out as "news".

Hi Skeeter!!

kae said...

My mother is having a clean out at the moment. The current victim is the huge wall length/height bookshelf...

I have been delivered a pianforte certificate and some bits and pieces - a book of heroes and also a travel dairy made when the family went to NZ in August 1975.

I was thinking about reproducing it here...

I'm thinking of making time to blog here again - but it takes time to prepare and I really want to write on things of interest.

The political situation is tragic and annoying and depressing.

The islamisation of Australia is continuing with a local government pollie wanting special laws to protect people like him from bad words and accusations... er, I thought there were already laws for that?

cav said...

So a long time between drinks?