Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alcopop Sales Down!

Sales of alcopops are down by a million units in just a week since the introduction of higher tax.

Nicola Roxon, health minister, says that this has led to less alcohol being sold.

So why are the bottleo's saying that spirits are walking off the shelves?

And why did a parent phone the ABC Madonna King programme and say that teens would rather spend $25 on an ectasy tab and drink water all night.

Gee, that's really worked, hasn't it!


stackja1945 said...

Yes. ALP does work this way. I assumed they were silly. They are proving it day by day.

Caz said...

Yep, and now the young 'uns are learning to mix their own, because it's cheaper, and the alcohol content of whatever they're drinking goes through the roof because they slosh it in their by the cupful.

Gawd, the ALP is so clever.

What age do they allow drinking in Australia?

Eighteen years. Yes, they make us drink.

Anonymous said...

Funny that the dopey Roxon has gone missing in action since this ludicrous tax was introduced. I hope the band of swinging voters who crossed the floor to ensure Rudd was elected are watching these events with 2nd thoughts.

The good thing...I sense Labor is just going to keep on rolling out these wank fests.


Boy on a bike said...

The last time I did a mix my own with spirits, it was to pour the better part of a bottle of ouzo into a 2 litre coke bottle, after tipping out 1/3 of the coke. I was 15, and it was for a 10 hour bus trip at the end of the school term to visit a friend's farm.

The rest of the school kids on the bus had their own bottles of rum and coke, southern comfort and coke and so on.

Mine was a bit strong. I threw up inside the bus two hours into the trip. Got my second wind and kept on going though. And almost got a root up the back of the bus.

Ah, the good old days.

Francis H said...

Wow who would have guessed that making mixed spirit drinks more expensive would result in people subsituting other alcohol drinks?

And as for the fall (assuming its a real fall anyway and not a statistical or seasonal glitch). Often the fuss and announcement of a tax temporarily puts off consumers who take a "well dammit I ain't buyin that stuff no more" protest stance.

That fades pretty quickly and sales rise again. I have a feeling we could see a bit of that happen soon.