Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poor Fellas' spokes-person for the AI*

I have no idea what Sam Watson's intent is. But every time he opens his mouth he paints "his people" as helpless victims of the whiteman.
CHRIS Hurley - the policeman acquitted of manslaughter over a Palm Island death in custody**, only to face a civil claim from the victim's family - has received a confidential $100,000 payment fom the Queensland Government after the incident.
Oh gee, just looking for a link to Sam bleating about how hard done by the dead man's family is, and how racist/unfair/cruel it is that the walloper got a payout*** (on top of getting away with murder****), but there isn't anything posted on the web yet. Ah well, it won't take long.

Wiki link to Chris Hurley, Doomadgee's information on Wiki uses his aboriginal name, Mulrunji, Palm Island death in custody information.
He was found to have four broken ribs and died from a ruptured liver.

Mr Atkinson said Mr Doomadgee's injuries resulted from a scuffle with police when
he was being taken from a prison van.

"There was a scuffle and the police officer and the person who has died then fell to the ground on some concrete steps," he said.

"And it is my understanding that the injuries sustained by the deceased person were entirely consistent with that version of events.

Doomadgee was a heavy drinker, there was a scuffle on the steps of the police station which is where I believe Doomadgee was injured. I would be very interested to see the coroner's report about the state of his liver.

Then this happened:
Given yesterday's belated decision by the Queensland Government to order a review of Ms Clare's recommendations, those questions might yet be for a jury to consider.

*AI = Aboriginal Industry
** And wasn't that a whole lot of farce?
*** Payout for loss of all his goods and chattels in a fire lit by the rioters.
**** This is NOT my opinion.

Crikey this window is little. I hope I haven't cocked this post up!


stackja1945 said...

If they would all stop whingeing and just get on with life. How many billions or is it trillions, have been been wasted for what effect.

Caz said...

1. Billions and trillions, all up.

2. None.

SezaGeoff said...

Mate of mine died during surgery when his liver failed/ruptured due to years of alcohol abuse. Guess the blacks couldn't suffer from that type of fragility, could they.