Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How are they supposed to learn?

Currently there is an outcry because The University of Queensland disposes of condemned dogs from the Brisbane City's Council's pounds and also use them as subjects for their veterinary students to practise surgery.

However, public reaction to the YouTube video, posted by a Buddhist animal rights vegan group, has already prompted at least one council to stop giving dogs to UQ.

The move has angered Dr Filippich, who said the practice was essential to student learning.

"They are given to us on the understanding that they would otherwise be euthanased," he said.

"When we do take them, we don't necessarily euthanase them. We will rehome some.
"The YouTube video is counter-productive to the work we do and causing unnecessary anxiety.

"We'd love these people to get the facts. They only have half the story. It's offensive."

Dr Filippich said the number of live animals used in classes was strictly controlled by a university ethics committee.

A youtube video (available on the site linked above), posted by a Buddhist animal rights vegan group (ahhhh), prompted at least one council to stop giving the dogs to UQ.

Brisbane City Council will vote in coming months on whether it should continue giving unwanted dogs and cats to a university for surgical operations before they are put down.


About 40 of the dogs were re-homed or used in "non-invasive" pet food trials.

The remaining 360 dogs were sedated and operated on by veterinary science students and then euthanased with an overdose of anaesthetic, the committee heard.

Labour councillor, Steve Griffiths, called for the experimentation to end.

"The feedback we have from the RSPCA is that it's cruel, outdated and there are other alternatives," he said.

"There are 92,000 dog owners in Brisbane and they need to send a clear message to the Lord Mayor that this practice needs to stop."

I'm sure that some of the 92,000 Brisbane dog owners would prefer to take their ailing pets to vets who know what they are doing and have had the best hands-on training.

I'm also pretty sure that they wouldn't be the ones with the dogs who are roaming the streets and being picked up by the council and ending up on "death row".


stackja1945 said...

Once dogs died, so people could live.
Insulin: A Canadian medical miracle of the 20th century
"During the discovery phase, Dr. Banting and Charles Best worked alone in the lab to produce and test the drug on dogs."
Now to save dogs, people will die.

Anonymous said...

Spent a couple of days at the UQ vet department some years back. Doing a bit of a research assistant job at the time.

Got to see truckloads of animals put down. Mostly dogs, but they also handle cats and even horses. We were there to collect fresh tissue samples for a research programme.

Anyway, it was a bit of a struggle for a dog person like me to see cute (and not so cute) pooches getting a dose of Lethabarb and demising quietly as their muscles stopped working. (Ref.

However, The alternatives seem to be limited. Let the stray animals roam free, find permanent homes for all? of them. kill them and have their bodies put to a useful purpose. Take your pick

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's so cruel. We should put them up in old dog's homes for the next 20 years instead. Perhaps we should cut payments to pensioners and needy children or even overseas aid payments to fund this. When will you leftards ever grow up ???!!!