Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who said the scales weren't falling from their eyes?

It appears that poor Traceeeee's had another whack with the cluebat...

The love affair with Bone Dome is over, and has been for some time.... (she really told him!)
And now the Kevvie Luvvie Fest is over, too!

I'm seeing more and more people commenting "I voted for Kevin, but now I think I was mistaken..."

I just had a quick gooooooooogle for more of Traceeeeeee's ravings so I could link them here, y'know, I really can't be arsed to find any more, go for it, if you have the stomach for it!

I'm sure that the ALP is quivering in their boots at the turn around by left loonies like Traceeee.

Quite frankly I think it's a case of CF=0.

(That's Care Factor = Zero.)

Update: Fuel leak burns Rudd... from ker-plunk.

Update II: CF=0 can also stand for Clue Factor = Zero. Thanks Egg.


stackja1945 said...

H. V. Evatt revisited?

Paco said...

Fickle, that Traceeee, very fickle, indeed.

stackja1945 said...

More Labor news
"NSW smoking bans hurting clubs
"NSW State Gaming and Racing Minister Graeme West says the loss is regrettable.
"I don't think we expected that some of the clubs would be impacted as much as they have been.
"Clearly, there's been people who haven't liked the changes."

splice said...

I’m not sure it’s just a straight case of fickle, Paco. Kevin Rudd puffed himself up so chock full of it before the election, even Traceeee can’t ignore the loud boom as the bubble bursts. In the end, the splatter lands on everybody. And you can be sure, this kinda steaming crap smells the same on both sides of politics.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing more and more people commenting "I voted for Kevin, but now I think I was mistaken..."

I hope they don't expect to be congratulated for their belated recognition of the obvious.


Anonymous said...

Kae, I'm just so happy that you've got this blog going. All charisma to you. Mehaul

Stevo said...


Is Graeme West still the Minister? Well bugger me. I wrote several letters to him about the Club industry when I was in the RSL years ago. No reply. Zip.

I've let the RSL membership lapse, more of slackness rather than not wanting to be a member. Typical RSL members love Labor, even though the Labor NSW government has fucked the Club industry. It was predicted 10 years ago, and voiced to the Labor government back then. I'm talking about the decisions to let hotels have gaming machines, taxation on poker machines, and then the smoking ban. Well not all at once, but my concerns were voiced. Registered Clubs, unlike hotels, put their money back into the community. That's their charter, that's the law. Now we are seeing NRL Clubs doing it tough because of the taxes and legislation.

The Registered Clubs Association (RCA) or now called Clubs NSW might rue the day they slept with the NSW Labor government.

I sometimes think people are too clueless, but I'll leave it there ...


jlc said...

G'day Kae,

The Traveston express keeps rollin' along.

Sometimes even forward!

Keep up the good work - I'll check in from time to time.


Wand said...


I sometimes think people are too clueless, but I'll leave it there ...

Yes - and we have another gem - "Our AETS" (Australian Emissions Trading Scheme) in the making with its early d├ębut in the form of a Green paper to appear in July. There's a whole army of bureaucrats working away on the thing right now. We just have to wait until this scam hits the scene to be followed by industry throttled, energy costs through the roof and job losses.

Great times for all indeed!

Wand said...

Hey, my green paper came out blue....

Hmmm ... I wonder why!

Skeeter said...

Good to see you here Jack, and that Traveston might still happen.

On Mr Rudd: For the first time ever, I have just watched a full hour of ABC's Insiders where everyone was attacking the Labor government, and not one kind word was said about Mr Rudd. Well, except for Lindsay Tanner, of course, and even his praise of his leader was limited to excuses for Mr Rudd's manic behaviour.
It's a faint hope I know, but I cling to chance that these fools will self destruct before they do too much more damage. They are talking of an election in Nov 09, but that won't be soon enough.

Anonymous said...

The RMS Ruddmanic comes to mind - I'll bet the APS are regretting voting this guy in ...


Egg said...

Clue Factor = zero in this case?

Anonymous said...

The clay feet are not just showing, they're starting to crumble.

kae said...

Oops. Wrote a reply, downloaded some software and the reply disappeared.
Paco & Splice, fickle and gullible... does that make her fickible?

I reckon she's fick as two short planks, meself.

Burbank, I'd be rubbing it in, not congratulating them.

Thanks Mehaul. Send money (he he).

Stacks, I recently joined the local Rissole. They need younger memebers, all the old ones are karking... anyway, I had cause to be at the Nambour Rissole on the weekned, and I have no ID or anything for the local Rissole. I've emailed them, no reply. I suppose I'll have to phone someone. *sigh*

JLC!!!! YAAAAYYYY. Welcome. Please visit often and let us know how you're going! A damn Blog about dams would be very interesting! Gosh, So glad to hear from you. D'ya think that the-powers can be convinced to do TWO dams? Huh? There's Wolfdene, too, y'know. They need it....

Stevo, Lord save us from emissions and their trading scams, er, schemes.

Wand, maybe your green paper was sad?

Hiya Skeets... I've had 65mm of rain here since Sunday when I got home from Nambour... I reckon it's all fallen today. The roads'll probably be flooded tomorrow.

Hi SandiM, clay feet'll do that in the water...