Sunday, June 1, 2008

Out of ideas?

Just doing a bit of a tidy-up and sorting through some old papers I'd gathered to read at a later date.... and never got around to.

And I found this, Kevin Rudd's address to the National Conference of the ALP, 27 April 2007, in Sydney. (It's a rather large PDF, 25 pages.)


The Labor Party at its best has always been the navigator of the nation's future.

Hasn't been "at its best" very often, has it? He likes this one so much he says it more than once.

And that, friends is where we find ourselves again today – a nation facing new challenges for its future, but a nation now led by a government so anchored in the past that it can’t even see the future.

Hmm. And he goes on.

But the bit that really, really jumped out at me was on pages 13 & 14... (***Coffee warning, put it down!***)

But it is not just that Mr Howard has become arrogant and out of touch (because the John Howard of yesterday would never have allowed himself to say something like that).

It is also that Mr Howard is stuck in the past. He has run out of ideas.

And to conceal his absence of ideas, he’s now increasingly driven by short term politics in order to cling onto long term political office.

Excuse me while I laugh my arse off. I'd write more, but I really need to compose myself.

Read it all if you have the stomach.

Twenty-five pages of the same sh!t said several different ways.

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stackja1945 said...

kae "the same sh!t said several different ways." Now that is Krudd.