Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barry O'Bama's flaming dacks

Melanie Philips has a brilliant blog about Obama's Giant Blogosphere Conspiracy, with great links. She concludes:

These multiple known deceptions by someone who may become President of the United States are deeply alarming. To dismiss such concerns and the related questions they provoke as a smear campaign is to attempt to browbeat into silence those who legitimately raise them and require urgent answers as a matter of the most acute public interest.

Note: spectator link chews CPU...

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Skeeter said...

From the Spectator article:

Last November, his campaign website carried a statement with the headline:

[The candidate]* Is Not and Has Never Been a [Presbyterian],

followed by

[The candidate] never prayed in a [Presbyterian church]. He has never been a [Presbyterian], was not raised a [Presbyterian], and is a committed Christian.

[The candidate] has also said:

I've always been a Christian


I've never practised [Presbyterianism].

But none of this is true.

I have nothing against him because of the colour of his skin or his religion. What worries me is that he is stressing the former and hiding the latter.
Doesn't he realise that changing your mind about being a [Presbyterian] is not permitted under [Presbyterian] law?
After all those [Bible] classes in Indonesia, of course he knows, and that means that he also knows that he will not be beheaded because......

*[Some names changed to avoid upsetting Meeja Wotch]