Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pog Blog - London Tube Bombings/Conspiracy Nuts

Here's an excerpt from a column by Melanie Phillips of the British Spectator magazine.
In today’s Daily Telegraph (10/6/08) Israel’s ambassador to the UK Ron Prosor writes about his shock, upon returning to a Britain he remembered for its fairness and decency from an earlier posting to London, to discover that it has become a bubbling cauldron of anti-Israel prejudice, demonisation and lies. One of his central points is that media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Although he doesn’t name it, a principal offender in this regard is the BBC. But as the Useful Idiot blog records, BBC moderators today deleted an inoffensive observation about Prosor’s article from the FiveLive messageboard and then hid the thread altogether (as they have done before to hide their own complicity in purveying gross anti-Jewish prejudice: see my earlier article here).
The London Tube Bombings are being derailed by Conspiracy nuts. And, the BBC is a prime supporter, just like our own Aunty.

And now some further evidence of the BBC's famed commitment to its public service principles of fairness, balance and objectivity for which British taxpayers stump up the licence fee. The London Evening Standard reports that the BBC paid expenses to Nicholas Kollerstrom for contributing to Conspiracy Files, a documentary about theories surrounding the 7/7 London tube and bus bombings. Kollerstrom, a Holocaust denier, has pestered families bereaved by the 7/7 bombs, claiming the attacks were an intelligence agency plot.

He has admitted he phoned the father of one victim to tell him how he believed the man's daughter's body had been planted at the site of the Tavistock Square bus bombing. The victim's family has described the phone call and subsequent claims posted on a website as 'very upsetting'... Dr Kollerstrom was last month stripped of an honorary research fellowship at University College London after it emerged he had written a paper entitled The Auschwitz 'Gas Chamber' Illusion on a far-right website -- claiming it was like a holiday camp where inmates sunned themselves by an 'elegant' swimming pool and listened to orchestras.
The BBC treats conspiracy crackpots like this as legitimate sources of information because it produces programmes which, merely by investigating them, give credence to crackpot conspiracy theories involving Americans, Israel and the Jews. And that is because it leads the field in Britain's current abandonment of reason and embrace of irrationality and prejudice towards America, Israel and the Jews.

(Guest Post from Pogria)

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